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How To Quit a Job and Begin Behaving Like a Tolkien Character

How To Quit a Job and Begin Behaving Like a Tolkien Character

This blog post is for my few loyal readers: Grace, peace, and goodwill to you from God above. Please allow me to share a little about my life, the beginning to behaving like a Tolkien character, and what it entails for Mary Loves the UK.

How To Quit a Job After Five Years and Start Behaving Like a Tolkien Character

What occurred at my job yesterday – or what was then my job – I encourage my readers to avoid doing with their own jobs. I flamed out. Placed under strict restrictions about absence for medical reasons, I had little choice other than to walkout. So, walkout I did.

My employer was unhappy, and shared her hard feelings with me on the way out. I wish I could say I responded well, but I didn’t. Tears issued forth, and nothing could stop them. After a few well-targeted insults from my previous employer, I told her I would leave immediately. And I did.

Was this a wise decision? Did I behave as well as I had hoped to? No. But, since I have vacated my work post after five long and hard years, I now must move forward. I must embark on a Tolkien-like journey.

What Behaving Like a Tolkien Character Looks Like

Many Christians believe J.R.R. Tolkien created his Middle Earth to symbolize Christianity and the Christian walk. For, supposedly, the hobbits resembled men and women who went through trials and grew stronger and wiser as individuals. Other Middle Earth peoples resembled angels and demons.

To behave like a Tolkien character, one must experience growth in his or her life. Most growth involves pain and suffering. Moreover, if someone wishes to become a better person through their pain and suffering, then God must be involved. For even Tolkien recognized God’s presence, authority, and majesty.

What Behaving Like a Tolkien Character Means forĀ Mary Loves the UK

Well, first and foremost, I will write more on J.R.R. Tolkien and his works! Delving into the symbolism and his characters is my intent, so if anyone would rather avoid any talk about God’s presence in this man and his work, then I advise staying away from this blog.

But! If people do wish to know more about how several great British men knew and loved our heavenly Father, then please, stay with me. We will explore what inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s creative genius, and how it has passed the test of time, influencing and encouraging millions of people.

Thank you, my few loyal readers, for reading. May God shape us all according to His will.