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“…Two Turtle Doves…” Cracker for Christmas Countdown

“…Two Turtle Doves…” Cracker for Christmas Countdown

On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…two turtle doves…and a partridge in a pear tree…

That’s right, everyone, it’s only 10 more days till Christmas! And my husband and I are celebrating with the “…two turtle doves…” cracker in the 12 Days of Christmas Crackers! Let us view the exquisitely designed British crackers container:

"...two turtle doves..." cracker
12 Days of Christmas Crackers Packaging

Yes, everyone, it’s as bad as you’re thinking. I’m going to pollute every 12 Days of Christmas Crackers Christmas Countdown blog post with pictures of what everyone else is missing out on! But don’t you see that golden shine? What about the detailed painting of the two turtle doves? Be enticed! And view below what Cost Plus World Market can bring you and your family:

"...two turtle doves..." cracker
“Two Turtle Doves” Cracker

Do the above paragraphs seem a bit odd to anyone? Okay, I confess. I’ve had a terrible 11th day until Christmas. Though I don’t regret the path I took in leaving my job, doing so has certainly led to difficult times for everyone living under this roof. But, there are other conditions and situations to be thought of as well. C’est la vie. Which essentially means that no one wins. Isn’t that so, George Bailey?

"...two turtle doves..." cracker
Goodies for Good Kids

Yet…. Didn’t George Bailey see how much everyone – everyone who had an ounce of kindness, at least – loved him? Didn’t he see how blessed he was compared to less fortunate men? Why can’t we all see how much our friends do genuinely love us? These are questions best left for the Creator. And the Creator’s writers, such as C.S. Lewis. How about this hot pink paper crown, huh?

"...two turtle doves..." cracker
A Final Shot For 10 More Days Till Christmas!

Enough about me and my woes. So, how have my readers been? Do you all feel like George Bailey? Or do you feel like the lucky girl who received “…two turtle doves…” on the Second Day of Christmas? But it’s too early to tell! Right? So be it. I shall suffice with my “…two turtle doves…” cracker!

Best of luck to you all!


Thanksgiving Festivities – Celebrating with British Thanksgiving Crackers

Thanksgiving Festivities – Celebrating with British Thanksgiving Crackers

Cost Plus World Market has brought joy to many adults and children with their British Thanksgiving crackers. “Crackers?” my American reader asks. “What joy could small bits of crunchy, unleavened bread bring?”

British Thanksgiving Crackers
Small party favors found in the British Thanksgiving crackers

We speak not of the food! Holiday crackers, especially those made for Christmas, are small party favors handed out to guests. Many contain small toys for children to play with during the festivities. Others, favoring the adults, contain small, useful items, such as nail clippers.

Where to Find British Thanksgiving Crackers

Every American knows the happenings on Thanksgiving Day: Slave over the stovetop early in the morning, eat the Turkey, dressing, and potatoes and gravy in the afternoon, sleep until nightfall, and finish the day with some pumpkin pie. The same ole’ tradition year in and year out.

My husband and I decided to change things up a bit this year. For long before the holidays, maybe as early as September, Alex spoke about purchasing some crackers for Christmas. I, like many, knew nothing about this British tradition, but itched at the idea of celebrating the holidays in the British style.

British Thanksgiving Crackers
My fierce Pirate King husband!

During one particular shopping trip to Cost Plus World Market, we found them. “Oh, look at these, Mary! Thanksgiving crackers!” said Alex. I looked over, tired but interested. They appeared festive and fun, but my husband, as excited as he was, decided to overlook them and spare the expense. I refused to let that happen.

“God knows that if a product runs out, the store likely won’t purchase any more for the holiday. We should get them now in case we can’t get any for Christmas, ” I said. This convinced him, so we picked the only design available and bought them then and there.

How to Bring Festivity to the Family with British Thanksgiving Crackers

Sadly, my four-year-old niece was absent from our family’s Thanksgiving dinner and celebration. She might have enjoyed the British Thanksgiving crackers, especially the snaps upon ripping open the crackers. She certainly might have enjoyed some of the toys found within the crackers.

Nevertheless, after eating the pumpkin and pecan pies, I grabbed the crackers from their place on the entertainment center and let everyone pick their cracker from the box. Other than having some difficulty in pulling open the crackers, everyone enjoyed the crowns, toys, and jokes inside (the jokes being particularly clean-cut and funny).

British Thanksgiving Crackers
And me, showing off my card deck.

My mother was laughing and excited to put on her crown. Alex donned on all his toys and looked like a fierce pirate king. I freely expressed my own joy upon receiving a tiny card deck, with British royalty representing the joker. And even my father placed the paper crown upon his head.

Since my family isn’t the type to stay up and drink the night away, everyone soon retired for the night. Afterwards, Alex and I decided together to buy some of the Christmas crackers found at Cost Plus World Market (which only came out a couple weeks ago). Because, no such thing as too much fun has ever existed in our book!