Testing Fragrances Made in the United Kingdom – Swagbucks and the UK Unite

Fragrances made in the United Kingdom

Swagbucks and the UK have miraculously managed to join together in my life. When I received a package from a Swagbucks partner, I found test bottles filled with fragrances made in the United Kingdom. Inspiration hit me hard. Suddenly, amidst all the retail work and home chores, I managed to find my way back here to tell you about the journey I’m about to embark on.

Hold On, Mary. What is Swagbucks?

I’m glad you asked! Allow me to explain how I’ve come to earn nearly 2,000 dollars, over the course of several years, right from my couch at home:

Back in the years 2009 and 2010, fresh out of college and dorm life, I was desperate to find a job and earn some money. Moving out into my own place was my number one priority, but the economy refused to work with me. So, I did the only thing I could think to do: Find money on the internet. Thus, in my searching, I stumbled across Swagbucks.

Completing surveys, watching videos, reading blogs, doing tasks, and shopping online can all earn Swagbucks. This term implies money, specifically one Swagbuck equals one penny in USA currency. Swagbucks are predominantly earned when the user interacts with advertisements from Swagbucks partners.

I highly recommend Swagbucks to anyone struggling to find work. This online company cannot replace any job, including part-time retail jobs. But they can provide reliable spending money for everyday expenses, as well as birthdays, Christmases, and other irresponsibly fun days.

What Arrived in the Mail – Fragrances Made in the United Kingdom

Coming home yesterday evening, my husband came up to me with a package in his hands. Expressing his confusion at having received such a package, since neither he nor I had ordered anything, he handed the parcel over for me to open. Reading the return address on the label instantly revealed a Swagbucks survey partner.

I tore open the packaging, excited to see what samples a survey had sent me. Surprise and delight filled me when I found five small, padded envelopes and instructions to use the fragrance samples inside each envelope on five separate days. I had forgotten about qualifying for a fragrance testing.

Anxious to see what fragrance I would try the next day, I carefully opened the first padded envelope and pulled out a small, clear bottle. The survey panel had labeled the fragrance sample as Z, and given other information in smaller print. Amongst the warning labels and ingredients, I saw the print, “Made in UK.” I was ecstatic.

Fragrances Made in the United Kingdom – Testing Day One, Fragrance Z

Don’t run away yet! I shall spare the details about every fragrance in the testing kit. But please, allow me to describe this first test bottle, labeled as sample Z. For the fragrance, which sprayed out an abundant amount for my wrists and neck, filled the air around me and changed the entire atmosphere.

Does this sound silly to my UK friends? For my limited experience with various fragrances have led me to believe American perfumes are less fragrant. Then again, maybe only the inexpensive fragrances contain less fragrance. Ladies who wear branded fragrances may receive stronger perfumes.

Nevertheless, upon spraying the fragrance sample on my person, I could smell the high class ingredients. This fragrance – whatever the name be – is likely sold in other places other than local pharmaceuticals. This fragrance smelled like money, like the fragrances found on older, well dressed, and expensively adorned women who occasionally walk into my small town’s local shops.

How I Will Respond to Fragrances Made in the United Kingdom

My husband, my father, my brother, and I suffer allergic reactions to strong fragrances. Whether the fragrances originate from candles, incense, or perfume, we start sneezing, sniffing, and holding our heads due to our pounding headaches. Did this high class test sample fragrance give me a headache? Sheepishly I admit, yes, it did. I also sheepishly admit to wanting more such fragrances from the UK.

This girl must have a screw loose in her head, my readers think. Yes, I do! However, knowing this does nothing to prevent me from desiring everything relating to the United Kingdom. So I shall wait for the day when I have earned enough money to experiment with more fragrances made in the United Kingdom. Until then, I shall keep these test bottles and remember to save my money for future UK experiences.

What do my readers know about UK fragrances? Do they tend to be stronger scented than American perfumes? Which do you prefer, strong or soft? Please comment below!