About Mary Loves the UK

Mary Tilden
Meet Mary and Alex!

Jane Austen. C.S. Lewis. J.R.R. Tolkien. Doctor Who. Sherlock. The Crown. PG Tips. Twinings. River Thames. Big Ben.

So much can be said about the British, the Scottish, and the Irish. For their culture and history remain strong, long and rich in detail, in children’s history lessons across the United States. So much culture and history as to fill a whole blog as one UK-loving blogger learns and experiences from the land across the Atlantic.

How Mary Loves the UK Began

Mary Loves the UK started off as simple reviews and observations regarding British things, such as film and tele entertainment, common and gourmet food dishes, famous authors and their books, and other retail items. It has morphed into something more.

Something containing philosophical and theological concepts, adventures into other cities, and novel discoveries. Hopeful researchers who love all things British, Scottish, and Irish, and want to learn about and visit Ireland and the United Kingdom, can find information here.

What Mary Loves the UK is About

Famous UK residents who work in the entertainment field, serve the UK government, live in Buckingham Palace, write popular novels, and so on and so forth constitute as the major theme in these blog posts. Although my life sometimes creeps into the text, it all centers around how Irish and UK people and products enhances the quality in one’s life.

Religion and politics will enter these blog posts. If the reader wishes to avoid such discussion, then I recommend a different blog. For I make no apologies regarding my faith in the one true God. Moreover, based on what little I’ve learned about UK politics, my faith also makes me a Tory.

Please join me as I progress in learning about that great land overseas! And if anyone knows something about the United Kingdom’s culture, either modern or historic, please comment or message me!