How to Make a Very UK Breakfast from Northern California Grocers

How to Make a Very UK Breakfast from Northern California Grocers

Back when Alex and I were still engaged and actively searching for ways to make United Kingdom foods, we stumbled across a means to make a very UK breakfast! Let me tell you where to find the items and our experience in making them.

Our Favorite Grocers Make a Very UK Breakfast Possible

Items needed for a very UK breakfast.

The necessary items for this meal came from grocers mentioned in previous posts: Nugget Markets and Cost Plus World Market. Few items were needed, and they included Irish scone mix, blackcurrant jam, and luxury clotted cream. Cost Plus World Market carried the scone mix and clotted cream, while Nugget Markets carried the British jam.

Alex’s research revealed UK citizens would normally eat larger breakfasts that included meat. While we hope to make such a breakfast someday, our budget allowed for a few tasty scones for breakfast this time around.

Two Inexperienced Bakers Fussing with a Scone Mix

Though I’ve made banana nut bread countless number of times, I’m relatively inexperienced as a baker. Having never made scones before, I was clueless about what to expect during the process of mixing and shaping the dough. Therefore, Alex caught some very messy pictures of a very messy Mary trying to knead some very messy dough.

The items used to make the scones.
Struggling to roll the dough.
Trying to place the unbaked scones on a baking sheet.

Eventually I learned what my trouble was after placing the first set of Irish scones on the baking sheet: I neglected to use enough flour. This was an easy mistake to fix, and soon the unbaked scones began to look like real scones.

One box created two such baking sheets of scones.

Alex stopped taking pictures after the first batch, because he thought the proper scones looked worse than the messy and hard-to-make scones. Something only a cook would think, not a baker.

How to Eat Scones in the UK Style

A new breakfast favorite.

Since in this scenario our very UK Breakfast consisted of Irish scones, we had to add a British element. To do this, Alex and I purchased more luxury clotted cream. When we learned about the English adding jam on top of clotted cream, we went out and found an imported UK item called blackcurrant jam.

The combination of these three elements was truly delightful. Freshly baked dough, creamy clotted cream, and fruity blackcurrant jam had Alex and I devouring almost all the scones in one sitting.

Try a Very UK Breakfast at Home!

Alex and I highly recommend this breakfast to anyone with a light appetite. Even better yet, maybe add some meat – of which I still need to learn Great Britain’s favorite breakfast meat – and some potatoes, and it would be a full meal!

Does anyone have a favorite scone recipe or scone mix which they would like to recommend? Does anyone know about other UK jams? Please comment below!

3 Replies to “How to Make a Very UK Breakfast from Northern California Grocers”

  1. Strawberry Jam is one of the most popular here in the UK, Raspberry too. We tend to eat Scones either plain or fruit ones as Afternoon Tea. There are 2 ways of eating a scone, the Cornish or Devon way. In both cases the scone is halved , In Devon the cream is put on first and then the jam, in Cornwall it is Jam first then cream. It is an age old question, which is the correct way? 🙂 Breakfast meat – Bacon & Pork Sausages are a must for a full English Breakfast. The closest bacon we have found in the USA to our style of bacon is Canadian Bacon, we don’t use streaky bacon at breakfast and another addition is Black Pudding, some like it fried, others (me included) uncooked. So nice to see someone who is enthusiastic about our food.

    1. Thank you so, so, so much! I’ve been hoping someone would help me explore UK food more, giving me tips and advice! I will need to find a recipe for Black Pudding, since I have never heard of it before. Thank you!

      1. You are very welcome but I should have explained that Black Pudding is not a pudding really, it is a blood sausage! It is really tasty and does taste better than it sounds, honest!! Happy to help if I can, you have my email or can find me on Facebook/Messenger 🙂

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